domenica 22 luglio 2007

Knoxville, Tennessee (english version)

So, here we are, in the land of "The Deliverance", home of the country music... over 700 miles into our trip, I've got to say all is going pretty well, we have the "pets routine" down pact, the kids are super troopers, and J and I haven't slept alone or together since we left Point!! Hoorray!! We're both holding ourselves back and we haven't fought since we left, even though there have been some tense moments. But I bite my tongue and I believe he does the same.
Today we drove through some beautiful scenery, mountains and sky. So pretty. We are in the Appalachian area, and everybody is so very nice, ya'll!!! (just imagine me saying it with the southern accent, then drop on the floor cracking up!) Tonight we went for dinner at a pizza place, the only thing resembling authentic italian pizza was the word PIZZA in their name!! When I went to talk to the manager asking for a special bowl of pasta for Viv, he said "I'll do it, Ma'am, if you tell me where is your accent from!!". After I told him, I think he felt bad because the pizza kinda stunk, so he didn't charge us for Viv's pasta!!! Now, my life wouldn't be my life if it wasn't for the curse of my life, namely THE LAUNDRY: it is following me even here, so today I did a load: how exciting! Tomorrow we'll be driving through TN and arrive in Memphis. We might spot Elvis strolling around town...
Ya'll have a great night! M.

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