sabato 25 agosto 2007


THE FEDS' WAR ON THE ANIMAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT(CounterPunch) -- Late last year President Bush signed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)into law days after six young Americans began servingfederal prison sentences on charges they causedeconomic damage to Huntington Animal Sciences, an animal-testing corporation. Sadly, jailing activists is the American way. The imprisonment of the group, known as SHAC 7, is nothing more than history repeating itself. Those who first called for an endto slavery were imprisoned. Those who believed women should vote went to jail. Civil rights activists, supporters of gay and lesbian rights, and now animal rights activists have all been jailed. The only thing sadder than the imprisonment of animal rights activists is that they are fighting for a losing cause; for we now live in a society that slaps the wrist of a person who harms the neighbor's dog yet subsidizes the systematic annual killing of billions of other animals for food, clothing, research and sport.

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